Evening Reflection


What’s the first image or memory that comes to mind for you when you think of the word joy? Why do you associate that experience or image with joy?

ENGAGE IT – Spiritual Practice: Self-examination that empowers transformation

Begin: Allow a moment of silence to quiet your heart and mind.

Read: Galatians 5:22-25 aloud.

Allow 5 minutes of silence

Reflect: Review your day using the following questions to help you reflect on ways you lived according to the sinful nature or fully alive in the Spirit. ?

Love: Did I hurt anyone or hold back the unconditional love of Christ?

Joy: When and why did sadness or joy touch me today? Did I cause it for others?

Peace: What upset me today? Did I disturb the peace of others?

Patience: When and why did I lose it today? Did I overreact?

Kindness: Did I contribute any rudeness or insults to the life of another?

Goodness: How was I generous with God’s goodness today? Was I petty, selfish, or unforgiving in any way?

Faithfulness: Did I violate any trusts today? Did I lose faith in God or myself?

Gentleness: Did I hurt anyone today? To whom did I treat with gentleness?

Self-Control: Was I selfish or indulgent in ways that diminish others today?

Share: How was this experience for you? What was your biggest a-ha?

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