Press On – Sermon Notes – Jan. 1, 2017


Theme: Press On
Text: Phil 3:12-16

1. Make God’s goals your own – V.12

A. Be honest about where you are in your Christian walk.
B. Align your goals with God’s goal for your life.

2. Stay Focused – v.13-14

A. Get rid of all distractions.
B. Forget what is behind, strain toward what is ahead.
C. Press on toward the goal to win the prize.

3. Don’t lose ground in your walk with Christ – v.15-16

A. All mature believers will share this same attitude.

B. Make sure you live up to what you have already attained.

Reflection: How do you go about pursuing spiritual growth in your life? How do you overcome spiritual ruts?

Action: I will strain towards the goal to win the prize in every area of my life this week!

Next Steps:
I need to reevaluate my opinion of myself.
Forgetting what is behind, I will strain forward to what is ahead.
With God’s help, I will strive to live up to what God has already pronounced me to be in Christ.





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