Value #2 – Multi-Ethnic Church – Sermon Notes


Value #2 – Multi-Ethnic Church

We desire to establish a church that reflects the unified ethnic diversity of God’s people in our leadership, congregation and community.

There are 3 questions we need to face, in order to start becoming a multi-ethnic church:

1. What caused this segregation within God’s church?

  • Church growth patterns.
  • Demographic patterns.
  • Non-Biblical teaching against mixed marriages.
  • Cultural gatherings in the church.
  • Prejudice.    

2.What does the Bible have to say about becoming a multi-ethnic church?

Marks of a truly multicultural church

Ephesians 2:13-16 & Romans 15:7-13

  1. The Gospel causes us to Love Jesus and Each other.
  2. Accepting church.
  3. Inclusive Church.
  4. Worshiping Church.
  5. Overflowing Church

3. What are some actions we can take to overcome these barriers and become a multi-ethnic church?

  1. First, as Christians we must believe and preach the whole gospel, including what the gospel says about racial reconciliation & diversity.
  2. Model Diversity.
  3. Intentionally Building multi-ethnic relationships.
  4. As Christ Followers we must boldly apply the claims of the gospel and be willing to stand against any and all forms of injustice, racism.

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