We seek to lead those around us by living out what it means to follow Jesus and follow it up with the story of how Jesus changes our life. We Proclaim and demonstrate the love of Christ in daily encounters. We want to show it clearly … and then share it boldly.

What is Missional?

Recognizing your areas of influence that God has entrusted to you and regarding yourself as a sent ambassador to those people.


Text: Act 17:16-17

  1. What Paul Saw? 
  2. What Paul Felt—Great Distress
  3. What Paul Did—Reasoned in the Marketplace


1) As we live on and participate in Authentic Mission we are going to engage those who know the truth but don’t want it — and we will also engage those want the truth, but don’t know where to find it. Which best describes our city, your family, neighbors, classmates and co-workers?

Take a few minutes to pray, confessing your sin before God, and asking Him to compel you to live an intentional life of mission. Take some time to reflect on people you know who fit these categories & Pray for them by name:

A family member who is far from God and His Church:

A co-worker or fellow classmate who is suffering:

A neighbor whom you have never met:


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