Focus Community Church Prayer – Month Of March



A multi-ethnic, multi-cultural new church plant serving the city of Plainfield

March  WEEKLY PRAYER FOCUS – Week 1: March 6- 12th   

Focus Prayer: Connecting our heart to the heart of the Father.

Lord Jesus Christ, this day I pronounce over FCC  that You rule over all. You alone are head of the body, Your Church. You are Lord over all – supreme in all things! For God the Father was pleased to have all His fullness dwell in You Lord Jesus, and through You to reconcile all things to Yourself.

All things – on earth and in heaven, You have brought everything near through Your blood shed on the cross, You the Righteous One for the unrighteous, that we might be brought into the family of God! Once, we were totally separated from the Father, we were orphaned, enemies in our minds because of our wickedness, we were without hope and without God. But now, because of Your finished work on the cross, we have been reconciled to God, presented as holy – spotless! May we as Your people choose to humble ourselves before You and submit to Your Word.

Destroy pride, self-righteousness and all strongholds of self-reliance among us. May I, and my brothers and sisters in Christ, be strengthened to stand firm this day and walk in the great victory of the cross. May we be established and unmovable – always clinging to the hope of the Gospel, and unaffected by the lies of the accuser.

This day, as a member of Your body, the Church, I choose to humble myself under Your Lordship and I proclaim that You are head over all. Jesus, You are Lord over Your Church. (Pause and pray for your brothers and sisters around the world. Pray that the global Church of Jesus Christ will be strengthened and revived.) Jesus You are Lord over the FCC  faith community. (Pause and pray for our church community.) Jesus You are Lord over my life. (Pause and submit yourself once again to the Lordship of Jesus.) Lord Jesus, I make this confession in Your mighty name, the name above all names, Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Amen and AMEN

March  WEEKLY PRAYER FOCUS – Week 2: March 13 -19th

Focus Prayer: For many lives to be transformed by the gospel this Easter.

That God will open up many opportunities for Christians to share the gospel and the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and that many hearts will receive the Lord for the first time.

That the true significance of Christ’s life, death and resurrection will be deepened in the hearts of those with lukewarm or wavering faith.

That God will prepare our faith communities to receive and engage all who are seeking a sense of belonging and hope for themselves and their loved ones.

That truth will be communicated with grace and love to those seeking practical and biblical wisdom for their personal circumstances.

March WEEKLY PRAYER FOCUS – Week 3: March 20-26th
Focus Prayer: Communities and Cities

Please pray for the following Plainfield NJ Blocks.
1. Duer Street
2. Earle Place

• Pray that everyone on this block would come to know God’s will for their lives.
• Pray that God would be glorified in this particular block and in the city.

Please Pray for the Following Cities in New Jersey.
1. Gloucester Township
2. East Orange
3. Bayonne

• Pray the Holy Spirit reveals himself to the people of these Communities and Cities.

• Pray for all the church gatherings in these cities for the Word to be preached boldly and that the gospel message would be at front and center of all services in the city.

• Pray for God to subdue powers of evil that hold people in darkness. Pray that people see Jesus Christ so they trust him and become devoted to him.

March WEEKLY PRAYER FOCUS – Week 4: March 27th –April 2
Focus Prayer: Find Rest in God

Gracious God, you know how difficult it can be for us to wait on you. In trying times, we want you to do something right away. Sometimes your timing can seem impossibly slow. We can even wonder if you’re there at all, or if you care for us.
In these times, help us, dear Lord, to wait upon you. Help us not just to wait, but also to wait quietly, in the peace of trusting you. Remind us by your Spirit of who you are and what you have done for us. Renew us with confidence in your faithfulness. May we put our hope in you, and thus find the strength to wait. And in our waiting, please make yourself known to us in a deeper and truer way. Amen.













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