Preparing For Easter Devotional

Start With a Period Of Silence. Pray for the Spirit’s guidance in discovering your heart’s deepest desire.

Reading: Isaiah 42:1-9

Reflection: Today’s prophecy from Isaiah is one of the famous “Servant Songs”. The words are addressed specifically to God’s

chosen servant, the Messiah. The Gospels make it clear that Jesus sought to fulfill the calling of the Chosen Servant, and so

these words give a good summary of Jesus’ mission. He came to bring justice to the nations, but he did not do this through

violent retribution. Rather, he did it through quite service, without the need to crush others or to raise his voice in anger. This

work of Jesus is not yet finished. As verse 4 states, “He will not falter or lose heart until justice prevails throughout the earth.”

This has not yet happened, so Jesus has not yet stopped working for it – and we are the people through whom Christ seeks to

bring justice into the world. The mission of Jesus in which we now share is built on a simple hope. God created the world and the

people in it. God has given us Christ as a light to guide us and teach us how to bring healing and liberation to one another – as

verses 6 and 7 show. And God has revealed the future to us through Christ – that ultimately injustice and evil will be vanquished

and God’s Reign will fill the earth with peace and love. Even as we journey through the darkness of Christ’s suffering, and of our

own, this hope sustains and strengthens us. How can you draw hope today from Christ’s presence and God’s promise?

Practice for Today: When we face personal struggles, or see the suffering in our world, we can easily lose heart. This is why we need God’s Spirit to keep reminding us of God’s presence and the hope we have for the future. Today, invite God’s Spirit to make God’s presence and promise known to you in all you do.

Prayer for Today: Come Holy Spirit and remind me that God’s presence is with me and God’s promise is sure.

Devotional by John van de Laar

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