Dealing With Emotions: Envy – Sermon Notes – 6/18/17

Theme: Dealing With Emotions: Envy

Text: Psalm 73


What Is Envy?

Envy is a form of covetousness — envy is desiring another person’s traits, status, abilities or rewards for yourself, but taking it one step further — not only desiring it for yourself, but wanting to deprive the other person from having it.

  1. He Envied the Wicked – Psalm 73:3-12


  1. He Questioned the Wisdom of Living God’s Way- Psalm 73:13-14


  1. He Turned to the Lord- Psalm 73:15-20


  1. Confess Foolish Thinking. – Psalm 73:21-2


  1. He Rejoiced and Celebrated the Treasure he had Been Given.- Psalm 73:23-28

 Reflection Question

What specific envies and doubts are you dealing with and how can you have faith and humility to combat them?

 Next Steps:

Meditate on Psalm 73:26  

My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.

  • Ask God to give you discernment and perspective to think rightly about what is truly valuable and from God.
  • Confess your Envy to God: Judging only by what you see, Leaving God out of the equation, forgetting the future.
  • Thank God that he is good to his people and that he is the one who holds our hand when we almost slip and fall.


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