Focus Moment – August 3, 2017

Silence and Centering (PAUSE FOR 2 MINUTES OF SILENCE)

“Be still, and know that I am God!- Psalm 46:10


Gracious and Holy God, we make no pretense about our lives. We forget, even deny that we were created with wonder and delight in our souls. Yet, we go through life anxious and serious, seeking to get ahead, striving to make ends meet. We rush and hurry, and fill up our calendars.

Where is the joy? Where are the days of summer rest? Where is our sense of delight? Forgive us, Lord, for failing to be the people that You created us to be and remind us that, like Nicodemus, we are loved for who we are, just as we are. Help us to remember that, in Christ, we are forgiven. Grant us Your peace as we look to You for the strength and courage to resist further temptation. We lift our prayer in the Name of Your Precious Son, Jesus our Lord. Amen


And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him.  I John 5:14 (NLT)



Have you ever worked for someone that you were really in synch with? You knew what they wanted. You knew their passions, goals and plans so it was easy representing them. You could express their desires to others and speak for them in various business dealings. When it came to corporate affairs you knew what pleased them. How much more should this be true in our Christian experience? We are a child of God. We have His word. We have his Spirit living within us. We have been called to be about His business here in this world. Therefore John says that we can be confident that God will hear us when we ask for anything that pleases Him. So the first question is, “How well do you know God?” The second is, “Do you know what pleases Him?” If not, ask Him. Today, pray, “Lord, help me to know You and discern what pleases You so I can pray according to Your will.”

Dear Father, help me to know You better. Help me to know Your will. Help me to know what pleases You so I can pray according to Your will. AMEN

If today’s devotion spoke to you in a particular way and you feel led to share your thoughts with others, please do so.


Devotional By Ron Ovitt 


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