Silence and Centering (PAUSE FOR 2 MINUTES OF SILENCE)

“Be still, and know that I am God!- Psalm 46:10

Prayer: Remove every obstacle

Father, I long for the day when the desert and parched lands of my life will be glad and the wilderness areas yet untouched by Your Spirit will rejoice and blossom!

Open my blind eyes I pray, and help me to see every area of my living that has yet to submit to the Lordship of Jesus… (show me these things as I wait on You).

Open my ears Father, that I might hear and understand Your Word and the voice of Your Spirit… (quiet my noisy mind as I wait on You).

Tenderize my heart that I might respond in brokenness and repentance… (give me I pray, the gift of tears as a sign that You are softening the hard places of my heart).

May the Holy Spirit flow from my life and cause every desert place to become a stream of living water! Have mercy on me O God! In Your great compassion, wash away all of my sin and cleanse me. Create in me a pure, clean heart and renew a steadfast determination within me to follow hard after You. Restore to me the joy I knew when I first found You and give me I pray, a willingness to do Your will. Father, I ask this that I might become one who You use to walk alongside those who are still lost in their sin. Make me bold Father, and may Your praise always be on my lips. Restore me, and may Your face shine on me, for I long for more of You. I know of the awesome things that You have done in the past, but I ask that You renew them in my day! In my lifetime, make them known! I ask that You remove every obstacle in my life that is in the way of experiencing Your fullness. Your Word promises that You will revive the spirit of the lowly and the heart of the contrite and so I choose to humble myself before You. Teach me and show me what this means-what it looks like in my daily living. Destroy every area of pride in me Father, until the humility of Jesus, His love and compassion, flows from my life like a mighty river. And revive me Lord! For the sake of Your Church and a dying world, revive me again and again! In Jesus’ holy name. Amen.


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