Forgiving Those Who Hurt You – Discussion Questions

Hebrews 12:15, Matthew 6:14-15 and Matthew 18:21-35. These passages show us why we should forgive those who hurt us.


  • Why is it so difficult to forgive those who have severely hurt us?
  • When you think about the people you need to forgive, who comes to mind? What is keeping you from forgiving this person?
  • What can the forgiveness we have received from God teach us about forgiving those who hurt us?

Matthew 5:43-44 and Colossians 3:13. These verses demonstrate how to forgive those who hurt us.

  • Why is prayer such a vital part of forgiving others?
  • How different would your life and your relationship with Christ be if you removed all bitterness from your heart by forgiving those who have hurt you?
  • What specific steps do you need to take immediately in order to forgive someone who has wronged you?

Next steps

5-Day Devotional:

  • Thank God for the power of His forgiveness in your life. Tell Him how it has changed you.
  • Pray for those you need to forgive. Ask God to help you as you begin the process of forgiveness.
  • Ask God to help you remove the stains on your heart that have been created by your bitterness.
  • Tell God the things that are holding you back from forgiving others. Ask Him to help you remove these things.
  • Confess your sins and ask God for His forgiveness in cleansing you of your sins.

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