Focus Kids – Lesson 2/11/18

Use these questions to talk to your child about the message of Ephesians. Then consider taking the so-what challenge to incorporate this session’s message into your own life alongside your child. Read Again

Ephesians 2:12–22 “Yes, at one time you were far away from God. But now in Christ Jesus you are brought near to God through the blood of Christ’s death.” (Ephesians 2:13, ICB)

  1. Paul talks about “The Jews.” Who were they? (God’s chosen people—the Israelites.)
  2. He also talks about “The Gentiles.” Who were they? (Everyone who wasn’t a Jew.)
  3. Jews and Gentiles were enemies. But in Jesus, they were becoming…what? (Friends. They were being reconciled!)
  4. There was a building in Jerusalem called the Temple. Who lived there? (God.)
  5. A new Temple is being built not out of bricks, but out of what? (People! All of Jesus’ followers are the new place God lives.)
  6. Is there anyone you think of as an enemy? What would it take to make them a friend? So What?

For toddlers: Play a game with your toddler and hold up a blanket between the two of you so he or she can’t see you. When you drop the blanket and see your child’s face say, “Jesus knocks down the wall between friends and enemies!” Practice saying it together.

For grade schoolers: Discuss the question, “Have you ever felt like you were better than another group of people? Why? How did you treat that other group?” Talk about how God has made enemies friends and how that affects our attitudes and actions toward others.

For you: Have you ever felt superior to another group of people? Spend time in prayer, asking God to remove pride and self-righteousness and remind you that He has torn down the dividing wall.

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