Prayer Outline-

This outline is intended to be a help as you pray. It is based on the themes contained in the Lord’s Prayer.
Feel free to personalize it, add to it, and use all or part of it. It takes about 8 minutes to pray through the
whole outline.

I. Our Father which art in Heaven

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to You in Jesus’ name. Thank You for this day. I know You are with me
right now. I know that You love me or else You wouldn’t have sent Jesus to die in my place. I come to
You right now to receive Your mercy and grace. I am so grateful that Your mercy is new every
morning. I ask You to clean me, by the blood of Christ, from anything I may have done. Thank You
that there is forgiveness for me today. I remain teachable and open to Your direction for my life today
so that I don’t get too far off Your path. I keep myself in a place of evaluation, making sure I don’t
have anything in my heart against anyone. I choose to not “keep score” with others and I ask that
You would not “keep score” with me today.

I ask that Your Holy Spirit guide me to truth based on the Bible. My body is the Holy Spirit’s temple,
so I know that You are working through me today. Holy Spirit, lead me to God and to pray the His
perfect will today. I trust You. I love You. I know that You are here with me, hearing me as I pray.

II. Hallowed be Thy Name

I worship You today and thank You for who You are to me. You are everything that I need.
Thank You for Your goodness and for compensating for my shortcomings.
Thank You for Your perfect peace in every situation that arises today.
Thank You that no matter what I face today, You are walking through it with me.
Thank You for making me strong and healthy. Your power is keeping my body in good health.
Thank You for working behind the scenes to take care of me. You are my perfect provider.
Thank You for fighting every battle that comes my way today.
I worship You for leading me and keeping me on a perfect path.

III. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Father, I pray Your will be done in the decision makers in this country, state, and city today. Thank
You for leading them. I declare that no evil plan against them will succeed. I do not allow this;
making those plans harmless and ineffective against our leaders. I thank You for wisdom, courage and
strength for our leaders. I know that as soon as I pray, You go to work, guiding the decisions of this
nation today. I pray that Godly men and women are rising into key leadership positions.

I pray Your will be done in my family today. Your favor is on every area of our lives. Your love, joy
and peace fill my home. My family is protected by the power of Your Word. I know that You love us
and You are shaping my family to become more like You. In turn, we can show the love of Jesus
wherever we go. Many people are coming to know Christ through my family. My family and I will serve
You! Father, I believe You are guiding me daily, as I make decisions at work, home, and with my
family. I thank You that my decisions reflect Yours.

I pray Your will be done in my church today. I declare that my pastor and leaders are filled with a
thorough understanding of the ways in which You work. They recognize and follow Your voice.
Father, You are guiding every decision, lining it up with Your perfect plan. I declare that resources
come in, so we can impact our community for Jesus Christ, causing many to make decisions to follow
Christ. Thank You for trusting us to minister to people today. I ask that You touch and increase each
ministry area (youth, children’s, small groups, men’s, women’s, etc). I believe that You are giving
strength, carrying and providing for our leaders today. I know that You want Your church to grow. So,

I believe that You are giving our members a passionate enthusiasm to reach out to people for Christ.
Father, I pray Your will be done in my workplace today. I pray for the leaders of the company as
well. I thank You for giving me Your ideas to better my work place. I choose to treat this company as
if it were my own. Thank You that as I am faithful in my work, You promote me! I believe this
company is healthy and growing. Thank You for helping me to be a tremendous light to everyone
around me so that many will come to know Jesus. Show me ways to witness. I thank You for giving
me the perfect words and actions.

IV. Give us this day our daily bread
Father, I ask that You meet my daily needs. Thank You for working out my physical, family,
emotional, social, material and financial needs today. Whatever need arises, I know that You’re looking
out for me and providing today.

* This is where you can get specific with current needs in your life. Speak God’s promises over them daily until you see change!

V. Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors

Father, You said that if I have anything in my heart against anyone You would not hear me and I will
not prosper. Show me anything that may have crept into my heart so that I can forgive and get past
it. You can work Your miracles through me today, if I have a clean and open heart. I forgive anyone
that may have wronged me. I ask that You show me anyone that I’ve wronged, so that I can clear it
up today. I thank You for Your forgiveness in everything. I recognize that I am human and that You
are always ready to forgive me no matter how difficult the situation is.

VI. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

Father, I put on Your full armor today to spoil any evil plans against me.

Thank You for Your protection around me (and my family) as I go through my day. Thank You that
Your angels are watching over me and the promises of Psalm 91 protect me.

VII. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever

Father, I am so grateful that You live within me. With You, I can conquer anything. Thank You for
walking with me throughout my day and leading my every step.

I thank and praise You for hearing my heart and for all that has been accomplished in our time

I praise You for answered prayers in advance. I have faith that You are with me and hear my every
prayer. Thank You again Father, in Jesus Name. Amen.


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