It has been said that Christian Theology is “what is believed everywhere, in all places by everyone.”

In this series, “Theology for Living: Salvation is of the Lord

We are going to explore the foundations of our faith. This series is immensely practical. To act rightly a Christian must think rightly. Right theology always produces a passionate love for God and the world he loves.

Join us at Focus Community Church for our new 7 week series

Theology for Living: Salvation is of the Lord

April 29 – What is God Like? –

May 6 – Buy-Out Clause: Sin & Salvation –

May 13 – Grace: God Loving The Unlovely. –

May 20 – Justification & Adoption: Made acceptable To God’s Family –

May 27 – Sanctification: The process of Change.-

June 3– Reconciliation & Forgiveness:  Making Peace.– 

June 10 – Know Your Bible –

Plus we have a Great Focus Kids Lesson all centered around a delicious meal. 

Time: 11:45am
Place: 1026 Evergreen Avenue – Plainfield, New Jersey

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