Saturday Prayer

Father, I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus who
struggle with English and ask that as they listen to Your Word tomorrow that
it will be as if they are hearing it in their own language.

May Your Word accomplish all that You intend. (Pray for those you know, by name.)
Father, prepare the hearts of Your people today to worship You tomorrow.

Prepare my heart I pray! Make our hearts ready for the seed of Your Word –
Father, make me hungry for Your Word! Make me to be a ‘doer’ of Your Word,
and not just a ‘hearer’! (James 1:22)

I ask that Your anointing be on Pastor Ryan, as he brings the message that
You have given him. May he be strengthened on every side I pray, and to Your
people, give us ears to hear what the Spirit would say to Your Church.

Father, You know the needs that are represented in our fellowship. There
is relational brokenness among us Lord, spiritual dryness, unconfessed sin,
physical weakness, emotional distress. O God have mercy on us, heal Your people!
(Pray for those you know of by name)

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