Prayer Of The Day – June 12

As you look out a window of your home this week, pray the
following prayer over your immediate neighbourhood.

Father, I praise and thank you for placing me here, in this neighbourhood, on this
street, in this apartment/house.

I acknowledge that your plans and purposes for me are perfect and that you have placed me here, that I might participate in your plan for this neighbourhood.

Open my eyes to see where you are at work and help me to eagerly enter in I pray.

May Jesus be seen in me, the very light of His presence, in
the way I acknowledge and greet others, and reach out to those around me.

Father, may the presence and power of the Holy Spirit be poured out on my home, drawing
those around me to Yourself.

Open the eyes of the hearts of those I encounter and make them hungry to know You.

I pray Your blessing over the street where I live (byname) and over the vendors where I purchase goods and food.

Open blind eyes! Set captives free! May Jesus be revealed to the hearts of those all around me. I lift up
those I know by name…

Help me to minister Your love and compassion to all that I encounter.

Use me I pray that my life might be woven into the grand tapestry of Your
perfect plan for my neighbourhood and this city! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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