Prayer Of The Day – June 28

Father, I pray for those among us who have unbelieving spouses
and prodigal children. (Pray for those you know of by name.) I ask that You
encourage them by Your Spirit and give them a sign of Your goodness so that
they do not grow weary or fall into unbelief while they wait on You.

Empower 28my sisters and brothers to live out Christ in such a way that the hearts of their
loved ones are drawn to You.

Ask God to give to each of us creative ways to live out Jesus to our 
neighbours, co-workers, classmates and friends. That in spite of language
barriers, Jesus might be proclaimed. Pray for those who God has placed in
your life who do not yet know Jesus, by name. Pray that they will see Jesus in
you, in your actions, your words – your very countenance.

Father, may we truly hate what is evil and cling to what is good. Destroy every
deed of darkness among us and may we put on the armour of light, clothing
ourselves with Jesus only! Reveal the hidden things Father! Purify us and
make us holy! (Romans 12:9; 13:12-14)

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