Prayer of the Day – August 2, 2018

Father, by Your Spirit, help us to forgive whatever grievances we
may have with one another. May we forgive as You have forgiven us, and
choose to love one another. (Colossians 3:12-14)

Father, I ask that You call the prodigals home to Yourself! I lift up those
represented by the FCC community of faith – sons, daughters, husbands,
wives, friends. Those who have walked away from You, O God, draw them to
Yourself once again! I pray for those who wait for their return. Strengthen them
and encourage them this day so that they do not lose heart. (2 Samuel 14:14)
(Pray for those you know by name…)

Ask God to grant favour to those who are seeking asylum and waiting
to receive their refugee status. Pray that all of their needs will be met
as they wait.

Ask God to pour out His Spirit on ministries throughout the World
that are proclaiming Jesus, and reaching out to the marginalized and exploited.

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