Prayer of the Day August 9th 2018

Ask God to reveal the dead places in our lives that are yet
untouched by His Spirit. Pray that we will not resist the Holy Spirit in any way.
Pray for those among us who are struggling physically. Ask God for healing in
Jesus’ name.

Pray that their faith would be increased during this time of trial and
that they will stand firm as they wait on God. (Pray for those you know by name.)
Pray that the marriage relationships represented among us will be
strengthened and protected from the evil one. Pray especially for the men of
our congregation that they will be men of integrity. Pray that they will be pure
and holy in all of their relationships.

May we be careful Father, to lead lives that are blameless and walk in
integrity; not setting anything wicked before our eyes. (Psalm 101:2-3)

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