Prayer of The Day – August 10th 2018

Consider praying this prayer as you look out of a window of your home or office

Father, I declare Your Word over the city of Plainfield NJ, that the earth is Yours,
and everything in it, the world and all who live in it belong to You! (Psalm 24:1)

New Jersey belongs to You, Father! New Jersey is Yours, Father! And The people
are Your inheritance! This day, I pray that Your name will be exalted in this

Pour out Your Holy Spirit and reveal Yourself to the hearts of the
people of this country, through dreams and visions, and through Your Church.
Use us, I pray, use me, as a conduit of Your great love and compassion.

May the love of Jesus be evident in my every word, in my countenance and actions.
Fill me afresh with Your Holy Spirit, and empower me to be salt and light in
the midst of darkness. Lord Jesus, may You be exalted in this land! May You
be glorified in this nation! For You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God –
there is no other God besides You, and I ask these things in the mighty name
of Jesus. Amen.

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