Praying The Model Prayer


Text: Matt. 6:9-13

  1. Using the Model Prayer for A Prayer Request
  2. The first request is “Hallowed Be Your Name.” So, whatever your request is, pray that God would be glorified in this person, or situation.
  3. The second request is “Your Kingdom Come.” So here we would pray that people would be saved, or grow spiritually; that God’s kingdom purposes would be advanced through this prayer request.
  4. The third request is “Your Will Be Done.” So here we pray that not our ideas, or plans, or will, would be done in this person, or situation, but God’s.
  5. The fourth request is “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread.” That speaks about our need, so here we would pray that God would provide whatever need is present in this person or request.
  6. The fifth request is “Forgive us our debts.” Here we ask God would grant forgiveness. If it is a personal request, we might ask God to forgive US for our sins which might be hindering the request from happening. If it is a request for another person, we might ask Him to forgive them for any sins which are hindering their relationship with Him, or keeping the answer from coming.
  7. The final request is “Lead us not into temptation.” Here we pray for spiritual protection for the person, or the people, involved in this request, that they would not be tempted in any way towards evil.
  8. Examples of using the Model Prayer to pray for a specific request:


1.What did you learn from today’s Message?

2.The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 is very short and simple. Discuss why Jesus would give such a simple prayer as the example of how to pray.

Scripture References

— Psalm 17:8 — Proverbs 14:14 — Psalm 28:9 -I John 5:14-15

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