Daily Encounter – May 1, 2020


1 John 3:4-15  (NLT)




Our holy Father in Heaven,

As we come into your presence now, we are humbled that we can even call You “Father.” Your mercy is great! We stand in awe that You have caused to be born of Your Spirit to a living hope. We tremble to ask that You would show us Your glory, and yet You tell us that the earth will be filled with Your glory. The heavens declare Your glory. You have shown us the power of your works, full of splendor and majesty, faithful and just. Your infinite wisdom is displayed in Your sovereign plan to destroy sin and death by the loving sacrifice of Your Son, which seems like foolishness to the people of this world and yet has displayed, is displaying, and will forever display Your glory.

Jesus, You obediently suffered and died for the sins of the world, but have been declared the Son of God with power by your resurrection from the dead. You, for the joy set before You endured the cross and despised the shame and now You sit at the right hand of the throne. Jesus, You are the name above every other name that demands that every knee bow and every tongue confess that You are Lord.

Holy Spirit of God, You have sealed all who believe in Christ according to His promise and to the praise of His glory. You faithfully sanctify God’s people and produce the fruit of obedience in us that brings glory to God. You reveal to us the very Word of God and guide us into all truth.

Blessed Triune God, we bless Your Holy Name. All glory is due You and You alone. We worship no other. Be glorified in Your people. Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.



God, as we consider Your perfect faithfulness, we confess that we are often impatient and have failed to faithfully wait for You. We have failed to put our hope in You alone.

We have been fixing our eyes on the waves crashing around us and have been sinking in doubt and fear and as a result we live and act in futility instead of in hope.

We have desperately sought after perishable things because our eyes see scarcity and fear and we have failed to live in the hope of the imperishable inheritance that is reserved in heaven for us.

We confess that we strive to be our own protectors as our faith in You has been weak.

We confess that we have failed trials that have come our way this week.  We have not rejoiced in Your protection and salvation, but have suffered selfishly and stolen your glory by our feeble faith.

Lord, during this time which has been without many normal commitments, we confess that we have wasted away extra time that You have given to us.  We have put that time to selfish use or even squandered it directly in sinful moments.

Even in this time filled with opportunities, we have not fulfilled your call to us to proclaim the hope of Jesus Christ to the hopeless people around us, but have simply looked after ourselves.

Lord, please hear our prayer. Forgive us. Cleanse us. Restore us according to your tender mercy and help us to fix our eyes on Jesus the Author and Perfecter of our faith in whose precious Name we pray. Amen.




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