“Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.”

 –  Martin Luther King Jr.

Putting our faith into action is at the very heart of our Christian calling.   We are asking for your help to serve the city of Plainfield NJ.

Welcome back Sunday Funday @ Focus Community Church

Sunday, September 10th 2:00pm- 4:00pm

600 Cleveland Avenue Plainfield NJ.

We will need volunteers to assist in the following areas.


Event Details:

We will be handing out FREE quality school supplies, prizes, Ice Cream buffet, face painting, arts and crafts and lots of family fun!!

Dress comfortable and Casual


We have been invited to partake in the Annual City of Plainfield 4TH OF JULY Parade and we need YOU to participate with us as we walk & represent FOCUS (we will also hand out giveaways & flyers about Focus Community Church). We believe God has provided this amazing opportunity to allow the people of the city to get acquainted with FCC & to be a spiritual resource to many in need!!

Will you co-labor with us to reach the city of Plainfield. The date is: Tuesday, July4th, 2017 @10AM


(Focus Community Church  tee-shirts will be provided for all volunteers!!)


Preparing for Easter Devotional

Start With a Period Of Silence. Pray for the Spirit’s guidance in discovering your heart’s deepest desire.

His disciples had seen Him angry before, but not like this.

His fiery arguments with the religious leaders and naysayers had always been tenuous, but He always seemed to measure His words. But here, today, He had released Himself.

The day had been an emotional one. It started out on a high note with people singing the praises of Jesus as they laid their robes on the ground for the donkey to trod over. Then, as Jerusalem came into sight, He was overcome with emotion and began to cry. His disciples marveled at this, even more than the show of support, for they had all been to Jerusalem before. This time, though, seemed to be different. It was … heavy. Weighty. But then the mood changed as they went into the city.

It wasn’t that they saw something surprising. There, in the temple complex, in the court of the Gentiles, they saw the same thing they expected to see. Because they expected, they were neither shocked nor angry.

But Jesus was.

There were sacrificial animals being sold at ridiculous prices. Exchange booths necessary for foreigners to pay the tax in temple shekels (with a healthy markup, of course). But Jesus exploded into rage. He physically picked up the money-changers and threw them out. He turned over the tables and swept away the money falling to the ground. And when the dust cleared, He stood there. Resolutely. His arms crossed.

Jesus took up a place in that outer court, the court that served as a barrier to those who had come to worship. It was symbolic of the restrictive nature of the temple, a place that ensured only ethnic Jews could go further in, and only those willing to deal with the unjust financial burdens of doing so.

No doubt tomorrow, when Jesus was gone, the same tables would be set up. There would be the same exchange booths, the same animals being bought and sold. But for a few minutes, anyone who wanted to pass beyond the outer court into the inner recesses of the temple complex where God was said to dwell, had no choice but to pass by Jesus.

No one came to God except through Him.

Perhaps that image burned into the minds of His followers. The man, so powerful and emotional, equal parts compassionate, joyful and angry, standing there as guard to the presence of God. Serving as the gateway to the inner court. And maybe they remembered that image as they prayed, years and decades later.

Once again, no one coming to the Father except through Him.

Reading: John 2:13-25

Prayer: As you begin to reflect on the Easter season, consider the unbridled and intimate access that comes through Jesus alone. Dwell deeply on His commitment to God’s desire to dwell with His people, and thank God for the lengths He went to in order to remove any barriers to that end.

Devotional By Michael Kelly 

ESL Community Conversation Day – REGISTRATION


¿Está interesado en aprender inglés o necesita práctica adicional?

Únase a nosotros para el Día de la Conversación Comunitaria en la Iglesia de la Comunidad Focus.

Ubicación: Focus Community Church –  600 Cleveland Avenue, Plainfield NJ.

Fecha: 26 de marzo de 2017

Hora: 1:00 pm

Cuidado de niños y almuerzo a ser servido.

El Día de la Conversación Comunitaria es Absolutamente Libre.

Por favor inscríbase para ser parte de este día especial en línea en o llame al 908-791-5448.


Are you interested in learning English or need additional practice?
Join us for Community Conversation Day at Focus Community Church.

Location: Focus Community Church –

600 Cleveland Avenue, Plainfield NJ

Date: March 26th 2017

Time:  1:00pm

Childcare and Lunch to be served.

Community Conversation Day is Absolutely Free.

Please signup to be part of this special day online at  or call 908-791-5448.




Focus Community Church  is planning a “community conversation day”—one Sunday a month we will have a time that we will “trade in” a traditional Sunday service to reach out to the community.

On March 26th, FCC will host an “ESL conversation”. Inviting residents whom are interested to learn or practice their English. This is also an opportunity to get the word out about FCC.

We are need of volunteers to serve in many ways on that Sunday:
A) ESL helpers
B) childcare helpers
C) greeters/registration
D) lunch/food table helpers

The volunteer time would be: Sunday, march 26th  From 12:45-4:00pm

Please signup Today!


Love On The City


Got Love.?!!! Well we need you to come out & help us share that love with the people of Plainfield NJ!!!

Join FCC as we “love on the city” of Plainfield.
Come be a part of the mission of FCC…share God’s love & invite them to family.

When: Saturday, Feb. 25th

Time: 12:30 – 2:30pm

How it works: we hope to have teams of people stationed thru out the city with chocolate/valentine treats, bottled water & conversation starters, info about FCC, etc.

Our goal: To engage with the people in the city of Plainfield. To show God’s love in small, tangible ways & to invite them to visit FCC

If you are interested please Sign up today!