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It’s the simple mathematics of being human. Two people plus one relationship equals inevitable pain. One unkind word, careless act, or intentional attack, and a gulf is opened that could potentially damage a relationship forever.

That’s where the need for real, biblical forgiveness comes in. Forgiveness can begin to heal our damaged relationships and help us to move forward in life with less emotional baggage. The problem is that many people don’t understand what forgiveness really looks like. It is hard to incorporate it into their lives.  Join us this Sunday @ Focus Community Church as we explore the topic of 

” Reconciliation & Forgiveness:  Making Peace”

Our Meetings begin Sunday’s @ 11:45am @  1026 Evergreen Avenue, Plainfield NJ for More Information email us or  Call 908-791-5448

WHEN:  Every Sunday! 

TIME:    11:45AM

WHERE: 1026 Evergreen Avenue

Plus we have a Great Kids Lesson centered around a delicious meal.

The Process of Sanctification

Hebrews 5:11-14

Many modern-day inventions are designed to help us accomplish tasks more quickly. The microwave, for example, shortens cooking time drastically, while washing machines and computers speed up other chores. New technology has the added effect of increasing life’s already fast pace as well as our desire for instant solutions.

Not every process, however, lends itself to acceleration. Consider our growth in Christ, which is known as sanctification. Being a Christian is neither an event nor a quick fix. Rather, it is a journey. There are things for us to learn along the way, and while we may unwisely choose a longer path than necessary, there really are no shortcuts.

Sadly, some people grow little after salvation. They are not encouraged in their faith or discipled well. Others fail to pursue maturity through prayer, meditation on Scripture, and fellowship. God is not pleased when His children opt for complacency. That’s why His Word tells us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Pet. 3:18).

Consider how spiritual development benefits believers. By learning God’s ways, we can walk in obedience and live contented, purposeful lives for His glory. We also gain the ability to discern truth from distortion.

Do you notice any change in your life and character since the day you were saved? Are you able to detect spiritual growth over the last year? Your heavenly Father wants to mature you. So make a continuous effort to cooperate with Him by reading Scripture, praying, fellowshipping, and repenting of all known sin in your life.

Courtesy: InTouch Ministries 

Sunday Brunch Connection Group

Join us for an engaging Sunday afternoon fellowship for the family designed around hearing what God is doing through our members, prayer and his Word. You will not want to miss a Sunday!

 WHEN:  April 29th

TIME:    11:45AM

WHERE: 1026 Evergreen Avenue

Plus we have a Great Kids Lesson centered around a delicious meal. 

New Teaching Series @ Focus!


The season of Lent serves as a special time to reflect, repent, and pray as a way to draw closer to Jesus in preparation for the glory of Easter. We pray you will engage in the Lenten journey by examining your life and inviting the Holy Spirit to renew your mind, restore your heart, and realign your soul with Jesus Christ. Join us at Focus Community Church this Easter Season as we kick off a new series this Sunday Titled ” Preparing For Easter”

MARCH 11-  “ Ponder” – Luke 5:27-32

MARCH 18- What about you?” Who is Jesus?  Matthew 16:13-20

MARCH 25-“What is Left When the Parade is Over?”  John 12:1219

APRIL 1-  “Responding to the Resurrection” Matthew 28

APRIL 8- After Easter, Then What?  – 1 John 1:1-9